Inspiring nurses to engage in self-care and wellness


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Do you make self care a priority? How would you show up differently if you did? Through 1:1 coaching, you will learn how to prioritize your own health and wellness and make self care part of your daily routine.

My 1:1 coaching session with Tasha was expansive and transformative. We worked through an exercise to help me define my core values, and the conclusions I came to were super eye opening—I had no idea how much my priorities and needs had shifted in recent months, and Tasha helped me get clear and connected. Not only did we define my current values but we created an action plan to help me continue to meet my goals. Tasha is super grounded, intuitive and incredibly supportive—she asks all the right questions and helps guide you from your inner wisdom, back to your own truths. I absolutely loved my session with Tasha and can’t wait to continue working together!
— Leah


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Have an adventure, bond with like-minded nurses, and strengthen your wellness practice at a Nurtured Nurse Retreat. Join us in El Salvador in March 2020!




Wellness workshops designed to enhance your self care and personal growth.